5 minute code: Multipage static pages – Ruby/Rack

Doing a static page in Heroku with Ruby/Rack is a breeze. However, when we tried to create a page with tabs that would each link to different content, the URL at the top would be correct but nothing would happen.

Turns out there’s a quick fix. The only difference I did was a tiny bit at the bottom, with the arguments passed to File.open:

use Rack::Static,
  :urls => ["/images", "/js", "/css"],
  :root => "public"
run lambda { |env|
      'Content-Type'  => 'text/html',
      'Cache-Control' => 'public, max-age=86400'
    File.open('public' + env['PATH_INFO'], File::RDONLY)

This will then load the public/aboutus.html & public/contact.html, as originally desired.

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