Algorithm and Interview Prep Meetup

Last Monday was the first session of the weekly Algorithm Interview Prep Meetup group Laura and I are running in conjunction with Women Who Code.  We had a great turn out of about 35 women looking to hone their technical interviewing skills.


Ladies practicing mock interviewing skills

Ladies practicing mock interviewing skills

Generously hosted by StumbleUpon, we offered the women four choose your own adventure-type options:

  • Stanford Algorithm Course- participants watched that weeks Coursera Algorithm 101 lecture and work together to answer the problems.

  • Pairing on Code Eval Questions – peers of 2  take turns driving and navigating through some of the examples problems on

  • White Boarding Groups – groups of of 3 – 5  rotated with 1 person coding, the others reviewing and providing feedback.

  • Mock Interviews - pairs take turns answering typically asked technical and non-technical questions.

"Ruby" break out whiteboarding room talk through strategy.

Ruby break out whiteboarding room talk through strategy.

The women really appreciated having the opportunity to work through the problems in a safe a comfortable setting where they can get all the nerves out of the way before the real thing.  As organizers, it was amazing watching the women connect with one another and help each other through problems.

Are you getting ready for a technical interview?

If you’re in the Bay Area and identify as a female, sign up for one of the upcoming meetups.

Try your hand at these two whiteboarding problems:

  1. Implement an algorithm to determine if a string has all unique characters. What if you cannot use additional data structures?
  2. Design an algorithm and write code to remove the duplicate characters in a string without using any additional buffer. NOTE: One or two additional variables are fine. An extra copy of the array is not. Write the test cases for this method.

We’re always looking for hosts and speakers so if you’re interested in getting involved, drop us an email.


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