Objects in Javascript

Declaring an object in Javascript can be done in various ways.

Object Literal Notation
This creates a single object. Initiating an object with literal notation goes like this:

var anne = {
   name: "Anne",
   age: 32
 // adding functions
  speak: function () {
 //   code;

where the properties are given as a hash with key: value

Object Constructor

Initiating an object goes like this:

function Person(name,age){
  this.name = name;
  this.age = age;
// adding functions: 
  this.speak = function (){
  // code

Instantiating a Person object then goes like this:

var laura = new Person ("Laura",89);
// the "laura" variable has access to all the methods within the object: 

If you’re unfamiliar with the “this” keyword, all it does is refers to the object in question when creating an instance. So for example, using the code above:


Would make “this” equal to the “laura” variable. So essentially this.age becomes varname.age.

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